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Where in the world?

Hey Members! Your LLYADHA Board Members and Committee Chairs are working to plan social and CE events through the summer of 2014. So what do we need from you? Participation! But first, let us know where and what events are convenient for you by commenting on this message. For example, we’ve held events at the Manhiem Township Library and Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, but what locations might be good to meet in Lebanon and York?


We Want to Hear from YOU!!

As we are planning for the years events, we want your participation!  We want to offer courses and events that offer the most for your valuable time.  Help us make this year productive for you both professionally and personally.

CE Offerings

What new services, technologies, applications or ideas are you interested in hearing more about?

What topics would you like a review offered?

Who would you like to hear from, any speakers you have really enjoyed in the past?

Social Events

Do you enjoy nights out with just the girls or would you like some family mingling time?

Would you like to meet in a public place or a home environment?

What games or activities would spark an interest?

What events would encourage engagement from student members?

Your ideas are important to us, and we are happy to work toward what will be most beneficial for our members!  Let us know what you are interested in, and we will work hard to add your ideas to our calendar.